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Intensive 3-day Classroom Training

Online or telephone training cannot effectively teach you to be a Life Coach.  You need hands-on training with real people to practice your new skills. We train and certify you by providing an easy and highly effective certification program that you complete in just 3 days. Accomplishing 32 hours of course related material.


Our certification course includes all the course materials you will need to begin your own practice immediately after graduation.


What could be more satisfying than learning a new career while helping others to succeed? 

Why choose our Institute?


You train with certified experienced coaches who have their own practice, not like some schools who use teachers who may have great credentials but have limited real life coaching experience.


We are a LIVE class, not online or by telephone. You receive hands on experience, and practice with real people.


We teach you how to market your practice by assisting you in assembling brochures, web sites, and many other marketing materials and provide ongoing assistance after graduation. 


You receive your certification immediately upon graduation, not after months of long telephone calls and additional tuition.

Life Coach Training
$100 -non refundable
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We keep our class size very small, so that we can provide more one-on-one training and cover all aspects of life coaching.


You can't make money without clients, that is why marketing is so important. We concentrate not only on life coach skills and theory, but also on marketing your business. Each student writes a complete Marketing Plan while in the classroom. 


We provide a complete support system after you graduate. If you have questions about handling a client, marketing or just want to call and touch base, we have three separate coaches to help - one who specializes in marketing or client issues, one specializing in editing your marketing materials, and one who is a "coaches coach" who can help if you need a coach. All available absolutely free to our graduates.

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